Lake Keowee Vacation Rental Homes

Pet Friendly Vacation Homes
On Lake Keowee and on Lake Hartwell

Pet Policy: In many of our homes pets are welcome, but not in all. We represent homes that are privately owned and have rental conditions that are set by each respective owner. Some of these owners welcome pets, some prefer not to accept pets and some have allergies that prevent them from taking pets.

Therefore: Pets are permitted only with prior authorization and only in designated houses. Pets must be registered with the office and shown on your invoice. There is usually an extra charge for each pet, normally $75 each. This is a charge and is not refundable.  The normal security deposit of $250 is also increased to $500 when a pet is involved. In a few cases owners have elected to take pets without charging extra. In these cases all other provisions of this policy still apply.

This policy applies to pets that are allowed in the house, kept on the porch, kept in the yard, kept in your vehicle, or anywhere on the premises.

Remember, even where a house is shown as "Pet Friendly", you must get prior authorization from our office before bringing a pet. There will be an extra charge. If you receive an invoice that does not include this extra charge or does not specifically mention your pet, call the office immediately.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in forfeiture of your security deposit, a charge on your credit card for the Pet fee and Pet security deposit, and/or you being required to leave with no refund.