HOUSE RULES (Rental Agreement):
 Mail us a signed, dated copy OR visit

at our office (15298 South Highway 11, Fair Play, SC 29643) to pickup Keys, a map & area information
(At the “?”, 4 m N of I-85 SC Exit 1) (Hours 9:00 – 2:00 M, W, Th, F)
If you are arriving after hours & have paid in full & confirmed rules we leave keys & maps in a box at our office.
Please sign a copy of these “HOUSE RULES” & take a copy with you for reference.
Once you are at the house Call 800-610-0020 press 1
to leave a message that you have arrived safely.
FREE PONTOON BOAT - Requirements & Information at:
RESERVATIONS: Confirming a reservation requires advance payment of 50%. Tentative reservations made 45 days or more in advance may be held for 5 days awaiting a check for payment after which time they are cancelled. Reservations less than 45 days in advance will not be held without full payment. We accept: CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS,Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Payments are placed in an interest bearing account.Interest accrues to the Agent to help offset fees and expenses.
PRICES billed include sales taxes of 6% -12% and a “reservation fee” of $55-$300 depending on the house. This is not a rental fee but is a separate charge for processing & is not refundable under any circumstances. In case of cancellation you may apply this fee to a new reservation within one year. VRBO bills an additional "Service Fee" IF reservations are through VRBO.
IF YOU CANCEL more than 21 days in advance you may receive a full refund less the "reservation fee". If you cancel less than 21 days but before the day arrival is scheduled 1/2 of the total rental is also forfeited. The day arrival is scheduled the entire amount becomes payable. If the house is re-rented you will receive credit for the prorated rent less the "reservation fee". If the reservation is for a Holiday Weekend or a Clemson Football Home Game Weekend, then you receive NO REFUND.
SUBSTITUTION: If external forces prevent a house from being available we reserve the right to substitute an equivalent house
PROBLEMS? Call night or day 800-610-0020 press 1     URGENT MESSAGES (ONLY) Call 800-610-0020 press 9
Require prior authorization (& extra charges) & are permitted only at certain houses. Your invoice must authorize pets by name. Unauthorized pets result in significant additional charges and/or you being required to leave with no refund.
GARBAGE SERVICE: Not available at most houses. Take your trash to the nearest dump daily & on departure. If you prefer, maids will take the trash for you. Deposit $5 for each normal size bag in the tip envelope. If preferred we can charge your credit card.
DEFICIENCIES: Although homes are inspected prior to your arrival deficiencies can occur. We make every reasonable effort to correct problems. Appliance or other malfunctions, cleaning problems, lake levels, or utility problems do not justify refunds.
HOUSES ARE USED FREQUENTLY BY OWNERS: Please respect owner’s personal property.
LINENS & COOKING UTENSILS: are provided in all our houses.
STARTER SUPPLIES OF CONSUMABLES are furnished (Toilet paper, paper towels, soap). We do NOT furnish: Propane, charcoal or firewood.
CAPACITY: You must abide by the stated capacity of the house. Tents, campers or motor homes are not permitted.
SPEED LIMITS: Walkers, joggers & golf carts use these streets. Speeding will result in you being asked to leave without refund.
PARKING is not permitted on the lawns or paved roads. We have room our office available for extra parking. Check with our staff.
DISTURBANCE: Respect the right of neighbors to not be disturbed and respect the rules and standards of the area.
FIREWORKS & FIREARMS: Fireworks may not be discharged near houses, lawns, or in the street. Firearms are not allowed.
UTILITIES: Please be conservative in the use of utilities. When leaving for the day please turn off the lights and air conditioning.
PHONES (where provided) are for your convenience. Do not charge any calls on them.
TOILETS: Many of these houses have a pumped sewage system. Do not flush sanitary products or other foreign matter.
GRILLS: Clean grills after each use. NEVER use charcoal in a gas grill. If a Gas Grill is out of Gas, have it refilled.
SMOKING: The owner's request you please do not smoke inside the houses.
RESPONSIBILITY FOR GUESTS: You are responsible for any family or guests you permit into the house or the development.
ACCIDENTS: Mountain Lakes, owners or staff are not responsible for accidents or injury on or because of rental property.
CHECK OUT: Rentals expire at 10am, if you leave early for any reason you are NOT entitled to a refund. While a final clean up is provided you are ask to leave as you would want your guests to leave your house. Remove your things from the refrigerator, Wash & put away dishes, pots & pans, Strip dirty linens (DO NOT remake beds), Start a load of laundry. Leave no more than 3 loads of laundry. Turn off all lights, set A/C on 80 (heat on 50), take your trash to the dumpsite.
(Usually $250, higher deposits required for pets, large groups or if requested by the owner) is required at check in & may be made by signing the credit card authorization below or by a separate check (Cash NOT accepted). (Deposits will not be processed except as below). While you are renting the house you are responsible for missing items or damage caused by yourself, your family or guests. Any resulting charges will deducted from your deposit or charged to your credit card.
I have read, understand, and agree to abide by these rules and any published rules specific to the house I am renting.

Name: _________________ Card# __________________ Expires ____ CODE ____ Signed ____________________ Date___

Sign, Date, and drop this copy in the "Drop Box" at the Office And/Or Confirm as Posted on the WEB



We MUST have confirmation of your agreement to the HOUSE RULES
You must also be PAID IN FULL

We Will NOT Provide Keys & You rental is cancelled with NO REFUND.

You may confirm agreement to these HOUSE RULES:
By sending a completed, signed and dated copy to our office.
Mail:15298 S. Hwy 11, Fair Play, SC 29643
By scanning and E-Mailing a completed, signed copy to:
By E-Mailing us a photo of the RULES with your signature clearly visible
By visiting the web page

then Clicking on the "I hereby certify ... link", completing and then sending us the e-mail

I hereby certify I have read, understand, and agree to the HOUSE RULES as published on the Mountain Lakes web site.